Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Integrity

Some of the times I have felt most distant from Father God have been when I was trying to hide from some failing or fault. Since I was a child, I have fought the expectation of myself to be faultless. This became a pattern of denial, excuses and keeping a low profile. Rationally, I know that God sees it all and there is no hiding from Him, but who ever grows up rational?

As I have grown in knowing Father and seen His character revealed in Jesus, the need to be faultless has become almost blasphemous. If faultlessness were possible for me, than my purchase on the cross was unnecessary! How freeing to know that all my faults were paid for on the cross, and I no longer need to hide them from anyone, much less Father God. I can simply and honestly be who I am - faults,  blunders and all.

I bless you today with the freedom that comes with integrity and openly being, before God and before others, just exactly who you are. 


  1. So refreshingly honest and simple, Joan. Thanking God with you that He loves us in spite of our imperfections.

    1. Isn't He wonderfully gracious?

    2. Still working on that one but knowing that what you wrote is true..and I'm glad you're you!