Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Knots

One of the most telling signs that I have been pulled away from the peace of the presence of Father God is dealing with knots. Knots in my laces, snarls in my knitting yarn, tangles in my thoughts all speak of pressure, hurry and anxiety. Often the people around me see other signs first, but my first clue is grappling with things that won't come undone, smooth out, or work right. Or I wake up in the morning with my hands in tight fists and the muscles in my arms in knots. What I didn't acknowledge while awake has made itself known in my sleep. I am struggling to "get a grip". 

I know of only one sure way to get those knots untied. I need to sit with my Father and let Him show me the root of my tangled and jangled nerves. I need to let Him begin to sort out the tangles in my thinking and unsnarl my emotions. I need to relax my grip so that He can untie my knots. Only the safety of resting in His presence allows me to do that.

I bless you to rest in Father God's embrace and allow Him to gently and compassionately untie your knots today.


  1. Joan, I love your writing style. It speaks peace and comfort, but also encourages me to draw near and trust.

  2. Thank you, Pam. What an encourager you are!

  3. Excellent imagery and word use here, Joan! I can literally feel the tension and long for the relaxation God can provide.

  4. I have a knot that won't go daughter is graduating in a few weeks. Its so hard not to be a part of her life. despite all the things I have tried, nothing has seemed to help. I know I need to just keep praying, and not give up. But this week I have not done a very good job with that. pretty much failed miserably. So Thanks for your encouraging words Joanie, I miss you.