Thursday, April 11, 2013

J is for Joy

Spring seemed to over-sleep this year and bumble slowly into wakefulness. Then suddenly it jumped into action. Flowering bulbs that had been peeking through the soil with one eye still closed popped out as though to yell, "Boo!" Then some trees stretched flowers across their branches like lacy morning coats. And the world was enchanted.  Or was it?

Almost immediately there were voices scolding about the heat being so summery so soon, about the chores that weren't yet done to prepare for this bounty, and so on. Some just couldn't enjoy the poetry, the dance, the party spread before them because of what it wasn't.

Our relationship with Father God can be the same way. He loves to bless, to heal, to teach, to encourage, to comfort and to love us. But it doesn't always happen in the timing or the order we would prefer. Then we have the same choice we have had this spring. We can choose to rejoice in what He is doing or we can focus on what He is not doing.

I bless you to choose joy today, no matter what your circumstances, and to make your life a celebration of the good things around you.


  1. this post really speaks to me - I confess I complained it got too hot too fast ;)

    I love the imagery in your writing! It paints such wonderful pictures!

  2. Ditto ditto! How do you paint those word pictures so beautifully!!!?