Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Vinedresser

Living for over twenty years where the yard was heavily shaded by mature maples, I delighted in my new home. The new development had few trees of any size, so all the sun-loving plants I had longed for are quite at home. I positioned one of my favorites, a clematis, to climb our front lightpost. I have spoken blessing over it, carefully trimmed and trained it, and delighted in its glorious blossoms. I love being its vinedresser.

My vinedresser is Father God. He blesses me and lets me know His delight in my blooming. But He also trims and trains me. That's not always comfortable. In fact, I have seriously grieved some of the shoots and branches He has deemed unproductive and removed. I'm so thankful that I have the example of my own tender vines in my life. They remind me that Father always has my good, my health, strength and beauty in mind as He prunes.

I bless you today to receive the tender loving touch of the vinedresser in your life with a joyful expectancy for the fruit to follow.


  1. I love the analogy of the vineyard. Such a nice blog, dedicated to spreading the Word. I love finding other believers in the blogosphere. :-) I write about my life/family/struggles, but spiritual issues as well. Ultimately, I want my blog to honor God. Come visit, it you'd like:
    from The Dugout

    1. Thank you for your encouragement, Mare. I'd love to visit.

  2. What a wonderful word for 'V'! It sounds like you have a green thumb! I'm envious! I struggle so hard with the rose bushes left to me by the house's previous owners. They are so difficult to care for. If the bugs don't eat them then black spot gets them.